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Top 10 Best Pubs In the United States

Everyone should visit a pub at least once in their life. You can enjoy a nice cold beer and a great meal. there are several pubs around the United States but a few stand out from all the others. Here are the top ten best pubs in the United States.

1. Paddy Reillys- New York, NY
Great all-draft Guinness bar to go to. Why not enjoy an amazing beer or two and listen to some Irish rock.

2. Kells Irish Pub- Portland OR

3. The Plough and Stars- Cambridge, MA
Although this place is small it is one of the most popular locations at night. Everyone in Cambridge enjoys having a drink at the Plough and Stars.

4. Black Thorn Bar- Boston, MA

5. Limerick Junction- Atlanta, GA
The casual all wooden bar and friendly staff keeps people coming every day of the week. Limerick Junction is a great Atlanta hot spot.

6. McGuireas Irish Pub- Pensacola- FL

7. Black Rose- Boston MA
This is the place in Boston to enjoy some dancing, delicious pub food and amazing drinks.

8. The Black Sheep Pub- Philadelphia, PA

9. Kevin Barry’s Irish Pub-Savannah, GA
This pub provides amazing entertainment and hours of fun.

10. Chief O’Neill’s Pub- Chicago, IL

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