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Five New York Inns That Should be Avoided

Unfortunately traveling to a new city can lead to bad experiences. The most popular travel issue that several have come across is bad hotels. Although they present a great deal budget wise, you may end up meeting mice in the hallways and are stuck with a disgusting bed surrounded by stains on the wall. For those planning a trip to New York, these five New York inns should be avoided.

1. West Side Inn
This hotel is poorly rated on several travel sites. The toilets are stained with feces, the mattresses are crawling with bedbugs.Additional information can be found at The West Side Inn is an overall horrible place to stay. Unless you are a fan of bed bugs and feces stay away.

2. La Semana Hotel
This is a horrible hotel with poor service and less than average hotel rooms.

3. Sun Bright Hotel
This place is infested with cockroaches and is overall unsanitary.

4. Hotel Riverside Studios
This hotel provides its guests with dirty hallways, a disgusting bathroom and homeless people. It is basically a hotel that doubles as a homeless shelter.

5. New York Inn
The New York Inn is filled with bugs, dust and mold. They provide a horrible stay for a great price.

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